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Yoga Classes

Yogic Arts - Locanda 2012Υoga in Town!

Try an alternative way for body and mind fitness with classes offered by the ‘Yoga in Town’ group. The classes are based on the yoga style Yogic Arts. The main goals are to harmonize the movement with breathing in order to sustain the health of your body and the clarity of your mind so to enjoy your potential by 100%!

(Photo taken by Gee Gahir, 9thFate, London UK)


2 YOGA Classes with Niki Sensei

Strengthen – Lengthen – Empower – Relax – Recover – Evolve

Thursdays, Advacned Yoga Class @ 18:15-19:30 & Introductory Yoga Class @ 19:30-20:45. Hosted at the Association of the Anti-Passive Current Dreamers – Communicate (ASTO PATRAS).


Japanese OmClasses Description

Open class is open to all levels and it is basic Yoga structure and postures.

 Yogic Arts is a new system created by Duncan Wong and it is yoga in a constant flow. Currently, Yogic Arts and Budokon are the only Yoga-in-motion systems which combine Yoga dn martial arts and are widely available and accepted in the world.


Yogic Arts Flow

PRACTICE-POSTER-108Yogic Arts Poster for Practice


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